About us


Please note that we have changed our English name of Organization

Japan Institution of Gaming Standards
5th floor, Shin Toranomon Jitsugyo Kaikan BLDG,1-1-21,Toranomon,Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 105-0001
Executive Director :Hidetaka Saeki

Objectives and Feature

Our executive director Saeki has worked for the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry for many years.

JIGS carries out comprehensive research and investigations on gaming standards from a multifaceted perspective.

JIGS disseminates information nationally based on its extensive experience in gaming field to improve public knowledge of gaming standards. We support and encourage valuable information exchange in Japan through various study groups and conferences.

JIGS collects and maintains valuable data and information and we disseminate them through journals utilizing our extensive database.

JIGS promotes importance of standards in gaming field to secure the fairness of industry and harminimization, as well as support our members globally at the highest level in collaboration with foreign Association.